JERU is a journey of many pathways, and whatever path you chose, will be our destiny.

Jeru - a new experience in Mayfair, London.

Enter JERU, a welcoming world that encapsulates the smells, flavours, ingredients, cooking techniques and tradition of a 3000-year older history that stretches across the Levant and Ottoman pinnacle, covering the coast of Eastern Mediterranean, from Syria in the North to Egypt in the South.

JERU transcends the concept of a Middle Eastern inspired venue into a lifestyle that emulsifies the very best life has to offer.

Jeru is located at 11 Berkeley St in Mayfair, London.

Middle Eastern Cuisine in Mayfair

The name JERU means ‘old city’ in Byzantine time; a place of nomadic tribal people and a melting pot of cultures and JERU, a Middle Eastern, full-service premium restaurant is the soul of this old city, the ‘once upon a time’ world.

Welcome to our home, filled with Middle Eastern cuisine. Allow us to immerse you in our passion for food, warm hospitality, art, music and culture of the Levant pinnacle.

Chef Roy Ner

Chef Roy, is a Cordon Bleu trained and award-winning Australian chef with roots stemming from North Africa and born in Israel. He has an obsession with food and cooking, exploring ways to be innovative with flavours and textures drawn from his heritage which exposed him to methods, tastes and ingredients from the Middle Eastern region and beyond.  

“Roy’s philosophy of food is somewhat like a historian, he story-tells culture through cooking to ultimately unite people through food. He believes this is part of his soul, and part of the essence of his heritage”

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We have now reopened for 2022.
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