A story teller balancing the flavours of old and new cultures

Chef Roy Ner

Chef Roy, an award-winning Australian celebrity chef with roots stemming from North Africa and Israel, is a passionate, eccentric chef who explores ingredients and flavours whilst respecting the origins of ingredients, cuisine and traditional dishes from which he draws inspiration.

Ner is a Cordon Bleu-trained and fine dining talent who has won the hearts and palettes of Sydney food-lovers and discerning restaurant critics with his authentic and adventurous Middle Eastern cuisine. He has dedicated his life to his passion – an obsession with food and cooking. He is constantly exploring new ways to be innovative with flavours and textures drawn from his heritage, which has exposed him to exotic tastes, ingredients, herbs and spices from the Middle Eastern region and beyond.

His philosophy of food is somewhat like a historian; he story-tells culture through cooking to ultimately unite people through food. He believes this is part of his soul, and part of the essence of his heritage. He fuses cultures by blending ingredients together that showcase his unique culinary experience, always taking people on a journey with food.

Ner’s cooking is an amalgamation of his heritage; his respect for all cultures; his childhood, a time where he learned how to cook with his family; his travels and working in restaurants spanning Tel Aviv & Caesarea, Israel, to 7 years leading the kitchen of Sydney’s renowned ARIA restaurant (2 hat, 2 Michelin equivalent venue).

Ner has curated menus for the famed ‘Nour’ restaurant that won Ner his first hat (Michelin equivalent). In 2020, Roy partnered with the Ovolo Hotel Group to launch ZaZaTa in Brisbane, Australia.

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The inspiration for JERU

The foundation of Chef Roy Ner’s inspiration derives from the meaning of Jeru – an old city, a place of wholeness, a city of peace that attracted and homed dishes reflective of many nomadic cultures living in Byzantine times.

Ner poured all his knowledge of the different ingredients and cooking techniques used during that era into the , celebrating many cultures with humility, inventiveness and exploration, whilst remaining true to the authenticity of each dish. Chef Ner ensures a sense of nostalgia for one of the world’s oldest civilisations that touches the palate and heart of every guest.

The a la carte food menu, like the very nature of Jeru Middle Eastern cuisine is humble, soulful and timeless. The a la carte menu is an invitation to the Jeru family.

Middle Eastern cuisine

The Jeru menu celebrates a vibrant collection of recipes that reflect tradition, and yet is utterly contemporary. Jeru by nature is an old city of ancient Semitic languages and a time in the region before the separation of any form of religion or borders. The food & hospitality in Jeru reflects the richness of the city.

The menu is a distinctive mirror of a unique Middle Eastern restaurant in London. It is divided into sections to address the various moods and experiences our guests are looking for. It offers an array of raw and cured nibbles such as dry aged tuna, smoked labneh, tamarind & orange dressing, or Mezze with classics such as Mom’s shish barak dumplings, beef cheek, leek, yogurt and mint, all with a Chef Roy Ner inventiveness – food not typically found in Mayfair, or West End restaurants.

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Jeru Dish

Moving along the menu, a large Mezze and vegetable section is introduced with options such as Hasselback Jerusalem artichokes, goat’s whey, and anchovies, followed by hero dishes under the Charcoal Meats & Fish, consisting of a medley of short ribs, dry aged lamb and beef fillets, to roast monk fish steak sourced from local bespoke providores.

The Jeru menu is a destination of flavours, a new culinary place to eat in Mayfair that unites the past and present.

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Food is one element served in JERU, what is also provided to guests is a movement of peace and unity.

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Monday – Thursday: 5:30pm – 10:00pm
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